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Waiting for You

Waiting For You - Susane Colasanti (This is a really lame review because I took too long to write it and forgot a lot. Sorry.)I’m a huge fan of contemporary easy-reads. I mean… Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors, so it should come as no surprise that I dig Susane Colasanti too. Waiting for You is the second book I’ve read by Colasanti (When it Happens being to first) and I enjoyed every second of it. It was a breeze to read, but there were real issues being handled throughout the whole book that made it more down to Earth.Marisa, the main character, is dealing with issues of first love and other general human problems, including the recent divorce of her parents. The emphasis on Marisa’s parents is actually one of the reasons I liked Waiting for You so much. Especially during a divorce situation it’s really easy to write the parents out of the book and call them “busy”, but Marisa’s parents are very much involved during most of this novel and—despite their problems—active in Marisa’s life.As far as the romance aspects of this novel go I feel like it was pretty predictable. There are two guys Marisa is drawn to and a secret guy who goes by the name of Dirty Dirk (and airs podcasts every night that the high school kids are drooling over throughout the entire book). Dirty Dirk was an interesting part of the story, but his character would have been so much better had it taken me longer than negative two seconds to figure out who he really was. Oh, well.As a whole this book was speedy to read and interesting to boot. It’s a perfect book for that day you want to stay inside with a cup of tea and laze on the sofa. It’s not too heavy or too light, making it great to read at any time. I’ll definitely be looking into more books by Susane Colasanti.