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Snowed Over

Snowed Over - Angie Stanton Okay, I need to keep reminding myself this book was supposed to be a light, fun, cute Christmas romance. It was. It was super cute, but it was so shallow. Maybe “shallow” is too strong of a word, but I definitely felt like this was a quick write, quick read, and low substance kind of deal. As my first experience with the “New Adult” genre I’m not very impressed. I won’t judge the whole genre on one experience, though.It’s a common story, actually. There are two people who don’t know each other very well put together for some reason (like carpooling to a common place, as is the case in Snowed Over). One is generally inferior to the other in the form of “perfect” vs. average. The perfect person is, of course, in an engagement they want to get out of or realize they want to get out of when they fall madly in love with said average person they’re with. Et cetera, et cetera… I think you get my point.What was with the main characters being faultless? I felt like the only things that were wrong with them were outside forces, e.g. negligent mothers and despicable fiancés. The mother and fiancé in question were realer than the main characters. I read somewhere someone was saying they were totally unrealistic and “no mother would do that” and “the jealous girlfriend was a little much”. Perhaps that person has never been around crazy people, but it’s more realistic than I hope they ever have to deal with. Just as a side note.As a whole I wasn’t very impressed with all the nitty-gritties within this novella, but at the end of the day I did read it in one sitting and enjoyed it. It was cute as you expect a lighthearted holiday story to be. I don’t think anyone really goes into this type of thing hoping for something super in depth with a really detailed subplot and characters. No, they go into it wanting love and kissing and a happy ending. This story supplied all of that, therefore, it gets three stars. I will say, though, that if it had been a full novel with the above bad points, the star level would be lower.Again, I enjoyed it as a novella to warm my heart. (Nothing more, though! I have to be a stickler about that.)