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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver 4.5 starsDelirium and I have a complicated relationship. You see, it’s not that I didn’t like it. It’s just at the beginning I wasn’t sure if we’d make it in the long run. Delirium was interesting and well written, but it wasn’t a page-turner… until it randomly was… like half way through. I think I probably did like it all along without actually realizing it. (This seems to be a common problem with me.) I mean, after all, I finished the book and don’t have a ranty bad review to post. Woo hoo!The story of Delirium is so interesting and one I’d never heard of or read about before this book. I adore the idea of love being a “legitimate” disease or sickness. Everyone in Delirium is afraid of contracting “amor deliria nervosa” (“the deliria” for short), which is really the same as simply falling in love. How much of our present society would be cut down if love were thought of as bad? It’s scary to think about how possible something like that is. That’s one of the main things I loved about this book. It’s not so out there that it could be rendered impossible. And with strong subject matter like feeling or falling in love, it’s no wonder so many people adore this book and the rest of the series.By far my favorite part about this novel was Lauren Oliver’s writing. Oliver’s writing was so detailed and thorough that I was able to picture the events with no effort at all, which is huge for me. Oliver described the Governor, or the water, or even just the electric fence and I saw it easily, usually without realizing it.Lena, the main character, was all right. I didn’t find myself extremely connected to her or even really cheering for her. I liked her well enough, but that’s about it. Overall, though, she is a very strong character and I can appreciate that. I loved how she was so closed off to anything different from what she knew at the beginning of the book, but by the end she was testing what she [thought she] knew and showing a lot of courage considering she could have been killed many-a-time for the actions she took.A lot of what Lena did, though, wouldn’t have been possible without Alex. Now, I don’t know if I read a different book than everyone else, but Alex wasn’t as swoony as I thought he was going to be. Yes, he was swoon-worthy, but I don’t know. I feel like I can let Lena keep him, you know? *Slightly spoilery* I was totally devastated at the end of the book. Like, that can’t have happened right? Right? Sigh. *no more spoils* Let’s have a shout out to Hana and Gracie as well. They were technically lesser characters, but in the whole book I think they were my favorites.I wasn’t convinced I liked Delirium when I first started reading it, but by the middle and end it had me reeled in. It was totally worth the read and I’m super excited to start the next book in the series. If you like dystopian books (or contemporary, even. It has somewhat of a contemporary feel to it) and haven’t read this one I highly recommend it. Note: The end of Delirium totally made me cry. Oh man.